Happiness is an inside job and when you spend as much time at home as you do, it should be your sanctuary. It’s no surprise that psychologists have said that people who like where they live are simply happier people. Of course, not everyone has that design thumb (like a green thumb, but of home design ideas), but that doesn’t have to stop you from creating a space you’ll love.

To help I put together some quick and easy home decor ideas to easily transform any space, from the dorm room to the penthouse.

Here are 27 things that will give your space an instant facelift (and your face an instant smile):

1. Nice Area Rug

home decor ideas

One great home decor idea, and a quick way to transform your space is by adding an area rug. Whether you want to cover up ugly flooring or are looking to add a pop of color, adding a rug is a surefire way to change the vibe of your space.

Tip: Avoid having to worry about whether the rest of your decor matches your rug by opting for a neutral rug such as the rug pictured above ($51).

2. Hotel-Style Bedding

home decor ideas

You’ve got to love the feeling of jumping into a nice hotel bed, but why not have that feeling every time you get into bed? Get hotel-style bedding to create a clean, upscale atmosphere to your bedroom.

Order your hotel-style bedding now ($60, comforter set)

3. Silk Pillowcase (Must-Have For Your Hair!)

home decor ideas

This isn’t just a home decor idea… If you have hair, a silk pillowcase is an absolute must-have!

Sure, it will make your bed look luxurious, but it will also help you wake up in the morning without frizz …and what that means is you’ll save time doing your hair in the morning, but you’ll also be able to have healthier hair. Talk about a win-win.

Gone are the days of $80 silk pillowcases, now you can get a set of two silk pillowcases for just $10.

Want longer, healthier hair? Check out this article on how to get gorgeous hair.

4. Desk Chair

home decor ideas

Traditional desk chairs are such an eyesore. No matter how nice you make your space, it won’t look as good if you don’t have a pretty desk chair. Chairs matter. That’s why accent chairs have always been such a thing.

Tip: Home Decor 101: Go for a non-rolly chair like this retro chair (pictured above, $119). It will make your space look nicer and it will also be a better buy, as you can use the chair as an accent chair in the future if you move and no longer have a desk.

5. Desk Lamp

home decor ideas

Change the look of a drab desk with a pretty desk lamp. Enough said.

Get this desk lamp for $31.

6. Desk Planner

home decor ideas

Stay organized with this pretty desk planner ($15).

7. Laptop Stand

home decor ideas

This may not be a glamorous-sounding home decor idea, but trust me: you need this and you’ll thank me later.

It’s a cheap and easy way to create a more ergonomic workspace. In other words, it helps you keep proper posture, which will help you avoid neck and eye strain if you’re using your laptop a lot.

I travel with mine, and what’s odd is how many compliments I get. Yeah, I said it (and I never imagined that would be a sentence I’d say).

Buy your laptop stand now ($17)

8. Phone & Airpods Charger Stand

home decor ideas

Keep your iPhone and Airpods charged, so that you’re always ready to go for a run (or whatever you do) when the inspiration strikes. This charger stand reduces clutter and helps keep you organized …and ready for anything.

Say goodbye to dead headphones.

Get your iPhone and Airpods charger stand ($22)

9. Coffee Maker (Duh!)

home decor ideas

Coffee is a must-have, and this little baby will get a lot of use. If you’re living in a small apartment, or even a dorm, you’ll save a lot of money by making coffee at home (talk about adulting). It also means you’ll have coffee on-demand (tlk about living large).

Invest in your personal coffee maker for about $55. It may sound like a lot, but its the cost of about a dozen Starbucks runs.

10. Cute Window Treatments

home decor ideas

Window treatments are like the eyebrows of a room. Okay, that sounds weird, but it’s also true. Bad curtains will make the whole room look off. Don’t make that mistake and get these boho chic curtains (set of 2, $22).

P.S. Don’t forget to order an adjustable tension rod to hang your curtains ($8).

11. Cool Wall Art

home decor ideas

Art sets the tone for a room and it holds the power to completely transform a space. Find art that resonates with you to add your own personality to your space and to create an environment you love. It’s your home after all.

Wondering where to get the wall art above? Get it here.

12. Boho Chic Fairy Lights

fairy lights

Create a fun atmosphere in a small space with fairy lights.

Designing your dorm room? Order your dorm-legal fairy lights now (1 strand, 16-ft long, $5.99)

13. Cute Throw Pillows

home decor ideas - throw pillows

Must love pillows. Seriously, pillows are great and they’re a home decor staple for a reason: because they’re such a good way to transform a space.

Tip: Keep your home clean by choosing pillows with throw pillow covers (2-pack, $13.99), which you can easily machine wash frequently.

14. Throw Blanket (Must-Have!)

home decor ideas - throw blanket

Who doesn’t love a good blanket?

Make your space feel extra homey with an extra-awesome blanket such as this bear blanket ($13.99).

15. Matching Coffee Mugs

home decor ideas pretty mugs

There’s just something different about drinking a coffee out of a cute mug, and if you’re having guests it’s such a nicer tough to have cute, matching mugs.

Order your set of cute coffee mugs (set of 2, $14.99)

16. Cute Book Ends

home decor ideas - cute bookends

Bookends may not be on everyone’s mind, but they’re cute and functional. Forget a sloppy desk with stacks of books. Use cute bookends to add a nice touch to your decor.

Get these cute cactus bookends (set, $11.99)

17. Vibey Decor

home decor ideas cool boho chic wall art

White space is nice in home decor, but make your space your own with decor that radiates your personal brand.

Order your moon phase wall decoration ($24.99)

18. Full-Length Mirror

home decor ideas pretty mirror

Every girl (and guy) needs a full-length mirror. Not only will you need it to ensure those shoes go with your outfit, but ummm, they’re the best for selfies ūüėČ

Order your full-length mirror ($79).

19. Makeup Mirror

home decor ideas makeup mirror

Mirror, mirror… if you wear makeup it helps if you can see yourself when applying it.

This is key for those sharing a space, such as students living in dorms or shared apartments. This way you’ll never be stuck waiting on that roommate in the bathroom and you can do your make up (beautifully) from your room.

Get your vanity makeup mirror ($24).

20. Desk Mat

home decor ideas  pink desk mat

Maybe your apartment or dorm came furnished. Which is super convenient, but that also means you’ll probably have an ugly desk.

…or may you bought a super nice desk that you want to protect.

Either way, get desk mat ($15) to transform your space.

21. Air Plants

home decor ideas pretty hanging air plants for a boho chic vibe

We don’t even need to get into this because they’re gorgeous and so enough said.

Order your hanging air planters (set of 3, $16.99)

P.S. Don’t forget to also order your air plants (4 for $10)

22. Hanging Shelves

home decor ideas - hanging boho chic shelves with candles and plants

More gorgeous home decor must-haves. These floating shelves add such a cool touch to a space, and if you’re living in a small space such as an apartment or dorm, it helps make it super pretty while utilizing the space well.

Order your floating shelves now (set of 2, $22).

Tip: Don’t risk damaging you wall and use these heavy-duty removable wall hooks (8 pack, $7).

23. Flameless Candles

home decor ideas - flameless candles for pretty homes

You have enough to think about, you shouldn’t also have to worry about whether you forgot to blow out a candle. But also, candles are awesome and can add a lot to a space in terms of ambiance, so don’t skip the candles either. Instead, get flameless candles ($11).

24. Gorgeous Oil Diffuser

home decor ideas -gorgeous oil diffuser with rose and flowers

So pretty …and it smells pretty. Great combo.

Get your Cocod’or Rose Flower Reed Diffuser ($18.99).

25. Closeable Laundry Hamper

home decor ideas - cute laundry hamper with top closure

Don’t air your dirty laundry. And don’t keep your laundry in some ugly 1980’s dorm room-looking hamper. Get a hamper that closes and looks cute, such as this laundry hamper ($19.99).

26. Head Board

home decor ideas - tufted headboard for a sophisticated design

Be boujee and crown your bed with a headboard. It’s such a fast (and surprisingly easy) way to transform a space.

You can even do this in a dorm room, which is an incredible way of making your dorm room look awesome.

Order your tufted headboard now ($82).

27. Bright Shower Curtain

home decor ideas - cute peach shower curtain

Liven up your bathroom with a bright, fun shower curtain. A shower curtain is a staple in home decor anyway, so you might as well get a cute one.

Get this super cute peach shower curtain today ($28).